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If only we’d listened to Charley 40 years ago

Posted by Robin Powell on January 20, 2017

There’s a must-read article by Charley Ellis in the Financial Times today. Charley, a good friend of this blog, famously wrote in the mid-1970s about active management being a loser’s game. In the latest article, Charley explains why that assessment has become increasingly true over the intervening 40 years. I’d urge you to read the […]

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Podcast Episode 8 — Bill McNabb loves EBI

Posted by Robin Powell on January 18, 2017

The guest on this week’s TEBI Podcast is none other than Bill McNabb, CEO and President of Vanguard, the world’s biggest and fastest growing asset management company. This is what we asked him: Brexit and Trump: What can investors learn from the two political stories that shook the world in 2016? What does he make […]

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CPD — Continually Plugging Dud funds

Posted by Robin Powell on January 17, 2017

Thank you to TEBI reader Nick Lincoln for sending me this picture on Twitter. It’s a schedule for an event for financial advisers.   This is the sort of event that REALLY ADDS VALUE FOR CLIENTS…. @RobinJPowell — Nick Lincoln (@HatTipNick) January 16, 2017 These sorts of gatherings are staged almost daily, and the […]

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Too many cooks in the kitchen

Posted by Robin Powell on January 16, 2017

A question I’m asked all the time as a business owner is, “How many people do you employ now?” It’s almost of as if the size of your payroll has become the standard yardstick for how successful or otherwise your company is. It’s perfectly understandable; after all, most of us can relate more easily to, […]

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