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Many investors think they have a market edge. Very few do

Posted by Robin Powell on February 19, 2018

The most important question investors need to ask themselves, says Lars Kroijer, is whether they have a market edge. If you don’t, he says, you shouldn’t be trying to beat the market — or paying anyone else to try to beat it in your behalf. Here he explains how it’s very unlikely that you do […]

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Charles Payne: Lessons learned from 35 years in the fund industry

Posted by Robin Powell on February 15, 2018

This is fascinating. It’s an interview with Charles Payne, a long-standing TEBI reader, who recently left the UK fund industry, having worked in it 35 years. In that time he’s worked for some of the biggest institutions in the City of London — Henderson, Gartmore, UBS Asset Management, Kleinwort Benson, Chase Manhattan Bank — but […]

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What the sell-off means for investors: an interview with Lars Kroijer (1/3)

Posted by Robin Powell on February 12, 2018

It’s been an eventful few days on the global stock markets. Of course, as every investor knows, volatility is part and parcel of investing in equities. Markets were just doing what markets do. Working out why they fell and where they’re likely heading next is all but impossible. But periods of volatility can be very […]

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Why did markets fall? Nobody knows and you shouldn’t care

Posted by Robin Powell on February 6, 2018

No matter how many times you gently remind people that markets don’t carry on going up indefinitely, it always seems to comes as a shock when volatility suddenly strikes. And so it proved yesterday — Wall Street’s worst trading day in six years. There’s so much to say about these sorts of events, but nothing, frankly, that wise […]

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