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London falling

Posted by Robin Powell on October 27, 2016

If I had a pound for every time someone told me that UK fund managers are a special case, I’d be rich — even at recent, post-Brexit exchange rates. OK, active funds are being trounced across the pond, the argument goes, but here in good old Blighty, and indeed in other parts of the world, […]

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Investing Demystified — Lars Kroijer (Video 5/5)

Posted by Robin Powell on October 26, 2016

Investing Demystified, our five-part video series for new investors, presented by Lars Kroijer, is finally at an end. In the final video, Lars explains how to implement the simple, low-cost portfolio he talked about earlier in the series. Enjoy — and once again, please share this video if you find it helpful.   If you’ve missed […]

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Can The People’s Trust break the active management mould?

Posted by Robin Powell on October 24, 2016

Shock horror! For the second time in a week, I’m going to feature a an active fund management company! No, I don’t endorse it, but I do think that, like Orbis Access, whose Director Dan Brocklebank I interviewed last week, The People’s Trust has an interesting business model which I’m hoping will have a positive […]

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#SFTW: Pick an experienced manager? You may as well pick a rookie

Posted by Robin Powell on October 21, 2016

SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND I remember Dan Goldie, the former tennis pro turned financial adviser and investment author, telling me once that he compared belief in active management to belief in Father Christmas. That, of course is ridiculous. One of those is patently sentimental nonsense, while the other is just about credible. (It was watching […]

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